Passion for travelling…our daily motivation for working harder

Tourism industry is a dynamic field that changes every day. Every day our staff aims to ensure the best prices and offers for our customers. The feelings we experience when reservations for air tickets, hotels, car rental or tour packages are made, make us understand why we love our job so much. We started in 1997, as a limited liability company, based on the article Nr.18014, and dated October 31, 1997 of Tirana’s District Court. The object of our activity is “Organizing trips or vacations for individual or collective tourism including the sales of airline and cruise tickets, as well as the car rental”. Our beautiful adventure started from that moment and it still continues today with the same high intensity. In our continuing efforts to better serve our customers, we brought a steady growth of our agency by getting the license in 2001 from the Tourism Development Committee, the license Nr 8, dated June 6, 2001.


Our continuous work to increase the quality of our services in the field of tourism has been successful not only in Albania, but also abroad. This qualitative service was the reason why we won the price “Golden Star Quality” in 2003, awarded by B.I.D (Business Initiative Directions), one of the largest organizations in the world of business. Moreover, our efforts led us to another important step in improving the standards of the services that we provide. That happened in 2007, when Odisea Travel & Tours was licensed by the International Association of Travel Agents IATA, for providing its services as a tourism and travel agency.

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