Operational Leasing

Operational leasing with a full service package (in fact a long-term rental) is the best way to externalize the financing and the management of the car fleet.

Cost management is highly important for a company and the purchasing and maintenance costs of the car fleet represt one of th emost difficult ussues that an albanian company can find itself in business enviroment.

The main advantages of the Operational Leasing/Long-term rental with full services package are:


-The monthly rate is an entirely deductive expense at the moment of the registering (as opposed to the linear depreciation of the bank credit/financial leasing).

-The capacity to finance the company is increasing: the down payment is zero; there is no need to make an additional financial effort (compared to the financial lease where the down payment is 10-30%) and the vehicles are not registered in the company's patrimony.

-We assume the financial risks (involving the resale value, maintenance and repairs) and your cash flow becomes more simple and predicteble.



-Our contracts are adaptable: if yours needs evolve, we can modify the rental period during the rental, the number of kilometers, even the veihcle type.

  • -We also collaborate with newly established companies.


-The monthly rate is unique and invariable for all the duration of the contract.

-The monthly rate inclued all taxes, insurances  (TPL and CASCO) and a full package of servieces: maintenance, upkeep and repairs, tire management, road assistance, car replacement.

Comfort and safety:

-Our operative personnel performs all the procedures, you benefit of non-stop road assitance and vehicle replacement anytime necessary. Therefore, the immobilization time of the vehicles is reduced to zero and so your teams can become more efficient.

-The routine maintenance services and repairs are operated on time properly, according to the standarts of the procedures.

For more details, a discussion about your needs and putting together an individual offer, your advicers will assist you gladly. 


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